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computer hobbyist, sysadmin, full-stack web developer

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Hi! I'm Eric.

I'm a CE sophomore at RIT with experience in software development. Here's some tech I've worked with:



Wall-mounted camera and confidence monitor

Streaming software setup (OBS Studio)

Federated Church Live Streaming

March 2020-August 2022

I worked with staff at my local church to design and execute a virtual service solution during COVID.

  • Professionalism
    • Working with church leaders to budget and purchase a capable PC, camera, and router
    • Leading and training of a team to continue running the stream indefinitely
  • System administration
    • Setup and management of a Linux system, then migration to Windows
  • Software engineering
    • Custom camera control (pan/tilt/zoom) software built with the NewTek NDI SDK
    • Initially on Linux in C++ with GTK, ported to Windows in Python with tkinter
    • Also interfaced with Launchpad hardware via RtMidi library

The final presentation of the project

Breaking JA3 Fingerprinting

August 2021-May 2022

As my senior capstone project, I conducted security research into, and was able to defeat, an HTTPS connection fingerprinting method.

  • Software engineering
    • Research into, and modification of, the OpenSSL C library
    • Customizable reimplementation of Python's "ssl" module
    • Simple user interface with tkinter
    • Changes and readme tracked via Git and published on GitHub (23 stars)
  • Professionalism
    • Creation and presentation of a project pitch to teachers
    • Planning and execution of a fine-grained timetable with help from my mentor
    • Presentation and demo of the final product to teachers


Short demo (modifying outgoing chat)


Long demo (server list ping, packet inspection)

Minecraft Network Proxy

Summer 2021

Using online resources, I developed a Minecraft man-in-the-middle proxy, which allows for inspection and modification of encrypted game traffic.

  • Software engineering
    • Implementation of Minecraft protocol given existing specifications
    • Easy-to-read packet log UI, simple public "handler" API (example usage)
    • Usage implementing quality-of-life Hypixel changes (better friends list, etc.)
    • Changes documented and tracked via Git and published on GitHub
    • Project uses TCP sockets, multithreading, encryption + decryption, serialization + deserialization, OOP techniques

The safestreak user interface

The project's GitHub page and readme

Minecraft Hypixel stats viewer (overlay)

June 2021-

I built and tested a cross-platform statistics viewer for the popular Minecraft minigame BedWars.

  • Software engineering
    • Creative system to read game information from log file entries
    • Flexible cross-platform design
    • Simple-yet-effective user interface
    • Updates and installation instructions tracked via Git and published on GitHub
  • Professionalism
    • Beta testing with other Hypixel players/friends
    • Incorporation of feedback into the initial design
    • Update system so users can easily get the latest changes

Journal from my Python interpreter research

Algorithm I wrote to process function arguments at a function's call site

Research into Python to C++ transpiler

January 2023-

I've been doing research into the internals of the Python language, and building a Python to C++ code translator.

  • Advanced software engineering
    • Understanding of the C language and compiler, to replicate the CPython interpreter's behavior
    • Understanding of assembly for a stack-based VM
    • Ability to weigh memory vs time complexity to optimize for different constraints
    • Heavy object-oriented project design to keep algorithms abstract and readable
  • Professionalism
    • Created reference material based on research for later usage
    • Plans to publish project on GitHub when it's in a more mature state
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contact me

I'm currently searching for a co-op position for next summer (2024).

Feel free to get in contact by emailing me at 



Thank you for your consideration :)